Inteldot has over 14 years in the life science industry with allocations a cross Puerto Rico, United Sates, Europe and Japan. This is a great opportunity for one of our leading clients in Puerto Rico.


The Electrical Engineer will play a critical role in the construction of a new power generation plant by supporting the design and inspection of the plant's electrical systems and infrastructure. They will collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to create comprehensive plans for power generation equipment and distribution networks while ensuring compliance with safety standards and regulations. Throughout the construction process, the engineer will conduct inspections and tests to verify quality and efficiency, address any issues or challenges that arise, and manage documentation and reporting. Their efforts will contribute to the seamless integration and successful commissioning of the plant's electrical systems, ultimately supporting its reliable and efficient operation.


  • Design and Planning: Create detailed plans and schematics for the plant's electrical systems, including power generation equipment, switchgear, transformers, control systems, and distribution networks.
  • Compliance and Safety: Ensure all electrical designs and installations comply with local, national, and international safety standards and regulations.
  • Inspection and Testing: Perform regular inspections and tests on electrical systems and equipment to ensure optimal performance and safety. Commission new systems and troubleshoot existing ones as needed.
  • Project Management: Oversee the electrical aspects of the construction project, coordinating with other engineers, contractors, and project managers to meet deadlines and budget constraints.
  • Documentation and Reporting: Maintain detailed records of electrical designs, inspections, test results, and modifications. Prepare reports on the performance and reliability of the plant's electrical systems.
  • Problem-Solving: Address and resolve issues or challenges related to the plant's electrical systems, including electrical faults and system optimization.
  • Collaboration: Work closely with other engineering disciplines to ensure the seamless integration and functionality of all aspects of the power generation plant.
  • Training and Mentorship: Provide guidance and training to junior engineers and team members on electrical systems and safety practices.


  • Ability to perform and review steady state flow analysis.
  • Ability to perform and review ARC Flash Analysis.
  • Ability to perform and review short circuit analysis.
  • Ability to perform technical reviews of existing and proposed relay settings.
  • Ability to test relay’s for transmission lines, generators, transformers, motors, switchgear.
  • Experience with NERC standards and documentation.
  • PE Certification for Electrical Engineering.


  • Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and 3 years of experience.

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Employment (W2) and Professional Services Contract (480) available.
  • Support during extended hours including weekends, as per business needs.
  • Competitive Pay Rate